English Bulldog FOR SALE
These dogs are small in stature yet wide and compact with thick, massive heads. The muzzle is short and pug. Their coat comes in many colors, including fawn, white, black & brindle. Black is undesirable in the show ring, but is not a disqualification and is recognized by the AKC. Because their stocky legs are set squarely at each corner of the compact, muscular body, the Bulldog's deliberate gait has become a waddle. They are good family dogs, known for their courage and excellent vigilance in guarding your safety. A lot of human attention is needed for Bulldog happiness. These dogs need little exercise or grooming except for the face, which requires cleaning the folds daily by wiping with a damp cloth. They weigh 53 to 55 lbs. and stand 12-16" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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Puppies For Sale!

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