American Bully Puppies

Feed an American Bulldog puppy a high-quality puppy food made specifically for large dog breed puppies. This helps to ensure that it maintains healthy bones and joints while it is growing. The American Bulldog puppy should remain on this diet until it is around 18 months of age. It can then be considered an adult and gradually be switched to an adult food.

Since the American bulldog has the reputation of being quite imposing especially among strangers, if you have a puppy, it would be easier to train it not just for the outdoors but also in interacting with people and other animals. American bulldogs are known to be very protective of their families. That’s why they deserve the best treatment from their owners. With the right amount of food and exercise, you will be able to raise your American bulldog puppy well. All puppies like to chew. This is normal behavior, and it helps with the teething process. Give your American bulldog puppy some toys of his own to chew to deter him from selecting other contents of your home. Toys don’t need to be elaborate, but make sure they are nontoxic, large enough that they cannot be swallowed, and relatively indestructible.