Pitbull puppies

A good American Pit Bull Terrier breeder starts socializing their pitbull puppies long before they leave for their new homes, providing different smells and textures before the puppy have even opened their eyes. Once the pitbull puppies can see and hear (3-5 weeks), good breeders take the puppies to safe locations to meet new people and expose their pit bull puppies to new sights and sounds.

Between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks is known as the “critical period” for socialization. That is because anything that happens to your American Pitbull Terrier Breeders puppy during this time will be forever imprinted on his brain. So, if your puppy gets frightened by a man with an umbrella at 8 weeks of age and the puppy doesn’t have a positive experience with other men with umbrellas, he will grow into a dog that is fearful of, or even aggressive towards, men with umbrellas.

New experiences are important for blue pitbbull puppy development. Help stimulate your puppy’s mind with puzzle toys and appropriate playthings, as well as giving your pit bull puppy plenty of outdoor exercise. Bored dogs are more likely to engage in aggressive or inappropriate behaviors. It’s important that your dog learn his place is in your home, but this can only be accomplished with consistency and a firm, loving hand. Only then will your puppy grow and learn to be the very best dog possible. Before purchasing a pitbull puppy do some research about a breeder and always ask for some references. If you need any help finding a pitbull puppy for sale or getting in contact with a reputable Pit Bull breeder feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!